Twist Off Lug Caps

Also known as Twist off caps & Lug Caps.


  • Tinplate


  • Suitable for pasteurizastion
  • Suitable for sterilization

Closure types

  • RTO (regular twist off cap)
  • RTB (regular twist off cap with safety button)
  • RTS (regular twist off cap with step)
  • RSB (regular twist off cap with step and safety button)
  • MTB (twist off medium wide mouth cap with safety button)
  • MTO (twist off medium wide mouth cap)
  • DWB (twist off deep drawn cap with step)
  • DWO (twist off deep drawn cap)
  • FTO (twist off fluted cap without step)
  • FSO (twist off fluted cap with step, without button)
  • FTB (twist off fluted cap without step, with button)

Design Options

  • Printing
  • Artwork design


  • Triple layer
  • PVC free
  • Bisphenol A Non-Intent (BPA-NI)


  • Glass jar packaging: Jams, Pickles, Cook In sauces, Fish in Oil, Pate, Vegetables, Pesto, Cheeses
Twist Offs